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Applauding MySpace

We’re pleased to see that MySpace is taking important steps to protect children online. Along with 49 U.S. Attorneys General, MySpace signed a Joint Statement in an effort to ensure social networking sites are taking the measures and precautions necessary to create a safer experience for all minors who access these sites.

Industry players have grown increasingly concerned about the safety and welfare of the millions of children that use these platforms every day, and have been exploring ways to make social networking safe for Americans of all ages.

However, the only way to effectively protect kids online is for industry, government, nonprofits and parents to work together to educate kids and to pursue and control predators. The Joint Statement signed by MySpace and the AGs pledges to provide children with a safe social networking experience through a combination of online safety tools, enhanced technology, education tools and law enforcement cooperation.

This is a far better solution than some misguided legislative proposals that would be impossible to implement effectively.