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Broad Array of Civil Society and U.S. Industry Groups to Ask Congress to Reject Dangerous Antitrust Proposals

WASHINGTON – Today, NetChoice, a trade association committed to making the internet safe for free enterprise and free expression, announced a day of action alongside 23 civil society and industry groups. The Defend America’s Competitive Edge Day of Action will take place on April 4, 2022.

The Defend America’s Competitive Edge Day of Action aims to educate lawmakers on the dangers of several antitrust proposals that would remove important guardrails on antitrust regulators and undermine American antitrust law by weaponizing it against a specific industry or specific companies. Antitrust is intended to protect consumers from harm, not empower the federal government to attack businesses that some politicians may dislike.

The Day of Action will involve educating lawmakers through in-person meetings and various educational engagements online. Groups participating in “Defend America’s Competitive Edge” include:

  • NetChoice
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • Americans for Tax Reform 
  • BASED Politics
  • Beacon Center of Tennessee
  • Committee to Unleash Prosperity
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Consumer Technology Association
  • Frontier Institute
  • Goldwater Institute 
  • Hispanic Leadership Fund
  • Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
  • Innovation Economy Institute
  • James Madison Institute 
  • Libertas Institute 
  • National Taxpayers Union 
  • Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs 
  • Open Competition Center
  • Pegasus Institute
  • Pelican Institute 
  • Reason Foundation
  • R Street Institute
  • Taxpayers Protection Alliance
  • Young Voices

“Our country is facing unprecedented challenges from international conflict to economic pressures on the American people that need immediate Congressional attention. It’s imperative that our lawmakers focus on actions the American people need and want from their elected officials rather than championing policies designed for political objectives,” said Steve DelBianco, President and CEO of NetChoice.

National polls show Americans are concerned about COVID-19, the economy, and healthcare, not attacking American technology companies. Proposals that weaponize the extraordinary power of antitrust law against businesses disfavored in Washington tells the American people that Congress prioritizes personal grudges over protecting jobs and keeping prices under control. Lawmakers should reject such proposals.”

NOTE: Additional details on the Day of Action to Protect American Competitiveness will be released. In the event of important Congressional events, such as hearings and votes surrounding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, the Day of Action and affiliated events may be adjusted.