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Biden Must Address Privacy & Government Surveillance Without Tearing Down American Tech

WASHINGTON—Today, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to restrict how much access American national security agencies have to personal information as part of a transatlantic data sharing agreement with the European Union.

NetChoice is glad to see data privacy as a priority for the U.S., and we encourage Congress to pass a federal data privacy standard. Americans and business owners should feel empowered to make informed decisions about privacy. 

The United States should create a privacy approach that is best for American citizens and must do more to prevent unconditional surveillance from our government. NetChoice is glad to see the President prioritizing the issue of data privacy. However, the European consumer-privacy model is a top-down, mother-may-I approach that has caused EU countries to have an anemic tech industry while the rest of the world advances,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel of NetChoice.

It is important to limit the ability of the federal government to engage in mass data collection. At the same time, the Biden administration must stand firm to protect American businesses from European threats to tear down our tech sector.

When asked specifically about tech regulation, responses to our polling have been consistent—Americans are concerned about their privacy and security online. We hope U.S. policymakers will hear the message. 

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