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Converging formats

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has a story about Time Magazine’s new print format designed, in part, to drive readers to the magazine’s website.

Game over for ICANN has terminated the controversial registrar’s Registration Accreditation Agreement (RAA) effective March 31. Registerfly will now have to turn over its database so ICANN can transfer its domain names to another accredited registrar.

AP has the latest (picked up by multiple outlets) on the controversial proposal to allow more privacy in the Whois database. The issue comes up for hearings at ICANN next week in Lisbon.

Apparently no such privacy concerns for GoDaddy.The EFF reports that the giant registrar recently turned over a customer’s private information in response to a subpoena that later turned out not even to be valid. EFF complains that GoDaddy wouldn’t even let the customer see the subpoena itself and gave him only three days to find a lawyer to challenge it in court.