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Federal Court Halts Texas’ Social Media Censorship Ban

Steve DelBianco, the president of NetChoice who advocated against the bill throughout the legislative process, applauded Pitman’s decision in a press release.

“HB 20 would unleash a tidal wave of offensive content and hate speech crashing onto users, creators, and advertisers,” said DelBianco. “Thanks to the decision made today, social media can continue providing high-quality services to Americans while simultaneously keeping them safe from irresponsible users and offensive content.”

A recent report published by NetChoice shows that nearly six billion posts were removed by social media platforms in the latter half of 2020, which included 2.9 billion posts labeled as “spam,” 66 million as “hateful content,” 52 million as “child sexual exploitation,” 45 million as “graphic violence,” and 25 million as “abuse or harassment.”