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FTC’s progressive policies are kneecapping our economy

The American economy is in free-fall and the Democrats leading our Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have neither the experience nor skills to help stop it.

While most of us have never heard of the FTC, it’s authorized to regulate the entire U.S. economy – every single business from small corner shops to multinational corporations. The agency could make it easier for the U.S. economy to bounce back, but the FTC’s Democrat leadership lacks the experience, education, and intent to help us.

None of its Democrat leaders – neither Democrat Chair Lina Khan, nor Commissioners Bedoya nor Slaughter – have worked outside of academia, law firms, or coastal cities. Most of their experiences are inside the Beltway. None of these intellectuals holds a degree or background in economics. And Chair Khan made her career by complaining about prices being too low for Americans shopping on Amazon.

Suffice to say, they are out of their depth and dissociated from the problems Americans are facing every day. Given this lack of experience, one might expect them to rely on the non-partisan economists who’ve successfully supported FTC commissioners of both parties for decades. But that’s not the case for these self-anointed experts: they are both poisoning a once-trusted agency and deeply harming the American economy.

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