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Khan’s Crusade Against Meta Fails in Court: Government Waste in Action

WASHINGTON—Today, a U.S. District Court rejected the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) meritless move to block Meta’s acquisition of virtual reality fitness developer, Within. The Court’s rejection of the FTC’s arguments allows the pro-competition merger to continue while the FTC continues to waste the agency’s time and throw the taxpayer money around with similar cases lacking merit. 

“With no factual or legal basis, this lawsuit was doomed from the start,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President & General Counsel for NetChoice. “As today’s decision underscores, the FTC should have listened to its own experts, who advised against this meritless lawsuit.”

“Chair Khan has made clear that American consumers must take a backseat to her progressive agenda. This suit was not about protecting consumers; it was all about progressive ideology and government control of the economy. Congress should investigate this massive waste of resources and hesitate to give her more in the future.”

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