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Look inside cybersecurity ‘war room’ to monitor threats of election interference

Cybersecurity expert with NetChoice Carl Szabo says election interference comes in many forms.

“So that’s what they’ll be looking for, anything that looks out of the ordinary.”

From attempts to disrupt or crash networks, to influencing votes on social media.

“This is not the first rodeo the U.S. has been in on the issue of cybersecurity, when it comes to the election, we’ve been doing a lot more.”

Szabo says attempts to interfere in American elections have occurred for decades, but he says no foreign actors have successfully changed votes after they’ve been cast.

We have no reason to believe foreign agents will predict or control the outcome of our election.”

He says foreign attempts to interfere on Election Day are likely, but says the federal government and local governments are more ready to deal with them now than ever before.