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NetChoice Opposes the Reintroduction of the PACT Act

Carl Szabo
Carl Szabo Vice President and General Counsel

Today, NetChoice announced opposition to the reintroduction of the PACT Act— a bill that would gut Section 230 by expanding Section 230 to include federal civil law.

“The PACT Act is one of a few serious proposals to amend Section 230, but still contains a fatal flaw: by subjecting websites to federal civil liability, the bill is far more radical than it appears and would lead to legitimate speech being removed from the internet as websites take a better-safe-than-sorry approach in taking down user posts,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice.

“The bill’s size classifications could force some small and mid-size websites to develop and operate complaint systems that cost more to run than the site earns in revenue,” continued Szabo.

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