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MLB getting into the ticket re-sale business

In a nod to the growing strength of Internet ticket exchanges, Major League Baseball has entered into a five-year revenue-sharing agreement with StubHub. Under the deal, all 30 team Web sites and will direct fans who want to sell their tickets, or buy tickets from other fans, to

Richard Clarke, the former top counterterrorism adviser to the White House, told a hacker conference in Las Vegas that the threat of online data theft is becoming worse as criminals grow increasingly sophisticated at pilfering information from companies, government agencies and consumers. Clarke told the conference that basic flaws in the Internet’s infrastructure need to be remedied in part through government and international intervention.

The House Judiciary Committee has voted, against the Bush administration’s wishes, to shield journalists, including advertising-supported bloggers, from having to reveal their confidential sources in many situations. By a voice vote, and only after the politicians spent nearly two hours airing various misgivings, the committee approved an amended version of the Free Flow of Information Act sponsored by Reps. Rick Boucher (D-VA) and Mike Pence (R-IN).