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More on the war in cyberspace

In the latest fallout from the massive cyber attack that recently hit the tiny Baltic nation of Estonia, the BBC is reporting that the UK and other western countries are now under daily attack from foreign intelligence agencies trying to steal secrets through the Internet. Estonia is calling for an international convention on cybercrime, and NATO is reportedly considering how best to respond to the threat.

The New York Times has a story about allegations that Stickam, a website that allows its 600,000 registered users, aged 14 and older, to participate in unfiltered live video chats using their Web cameras is owned and managed by the same Japanese businessman who also owns and operates a vast network of Web sites that offer live sex shows over Web cameras.

According to a story in the Washington Post, those three would be terrorists who recently entered guilty pleas in the UK used Internet phishing attacks and Trojan horse programs to steal credit card information and then used the stolen card numbers to pay for $3.5 million worth of web hosting services, GPS devices, night vision goggles, pre-paid cell phones and airplane tickets.