NetChoice and CCIA v. Paxton Resource Page

On September 9th, 2021, Gov. Abbott signed HB 20, Texas’ “anti-bias” law in a move designed to fire a major volley at America’s leading businesses and fight unfounded allegations of conservative bias.


HB 20 follows a bill of similar nature and characteristics, Florida SB 7072, that was already preliminarily enjoined in the Northern District of Florida Tallahassee Division. However, Texas’s HB 20 takes these restrictions a step further.




For this reason, NetChoice and CCIA took the step to challenge HB 20 (formerly known as SB 5 and SB 12) on multiple constitutional grounds to protect Texas consumers, small businesses, and free speech.

Key Resources

Texas’ businesses and technology companies have worked hard to create a safe internet, free from harmful and downright offensive content.


As leaders of free expression, we hope the courts will work to uphold our First Amendment, while adhering to the principles laid down by America’s founders.