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NetChoice and Section 230: Our Amicus Briefs

NetChoice and Congressman Cox File Amicus Brief Protecting Homeowners Using Airbnb and HomeAway in Santa Monica

May 3, 2019

“Section 230 empowers individuals and businesses all over the country through the use of online platforms like HomeAway and Airbnb,” continued Szabo. “The prior decision runs contrary to multiple 9th Circuit decisions that have upheld Section 230 and enabled unprecedented innovation.”

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NetChoice and Chris Cox File Amicus Brief in La Park v. Airbnb

September 27, 2018

“Today, some two decades after the enactment of Section 230, the essential nature of the Internet has not changed in these respects. To the contrary, the significant growth in volume of traffic on websites such as Airbnb has made the potential consequences of publisher liability graver. Aimco’s attempt to outsource its policing of the conduct of its lessees to Airbnb is wholly antithetical to Congress’s judgment that websites should be free from liability for content posted on their sites.”

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