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NetChoice Comments to the FTC on Mergers Highlight the Success of Existing Rules

Today, NetChoice filed comments with the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice in response to their Request for Information on Merger Enforcement.

“Progressives at the FTC and DOJ laid the groundwork to radically transform the economy through the backdoor of merger enforcement. If the government gets its way, merger enforcement won’t be about protecting American consumers, it’ll be about micromanaging the economy by unelected bureaucrats,” said Chris Marchese, Counsel at NetChoice.

“In an act of pure hubris, the government plans to shred decades of bipartisan agreement and accumulated wisdom because it thinks the Biden administration can outperform the free markets—consumers be damned.”

“Given the role mergers play in promoting economic growth and innovation, the government must slow the review process down and give the public more time to weigh in.”