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NetChoice Condemns Gov. Newsom Signing AB 2273

SACRAMENTO—Today, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 2273, the Age-Appropriate Design Code Act. NetChoice is disappointed that this well-intended but constitutionally flawed bill has now become law.

The internet must be safe and secure for all Americans, especially minors. This is why NetChoice supports Congress passing a federal privacy law that protects all Americans. NetChoice is also suing states like Texas and Florida to protect the First Amendment right of websites, platforms, and apps to moderate content and keep their users, including minors, safe from inappropriate or harmful material online.

“Although AB 2273’s motive is well-meaning, many of its chosen means are unconstitutional and risk unintended consequences,” said Chris Marchese, Counsel for NetChoice. “The law violates the First Amendment by chilling constitutionally protected speech and by infringing on the editorial rights of websites, platforms, and apps of all sizes and ideologies.” 

“AB 2273 will also have the unintended consequence of closing off the internet, even to adults,” Marchese continued.

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