NetChoice and CCIA v. Moody



On Monday, May 24th, 2021, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 7072, his “anti-bias” law, in a move designed to fire a major volley at America’s leading businesses and rally the “America first” base.

By juxtaposing heartfelt stories about the dangers of authoritarianism with a bill capitalizing on the anti-tech fervor and alleged anti-conservative bias online, DeSantis painted a picture of a humble bill meant to protect Florida citizens’ free speech online.

Unfortunately if enacted, the social media bill will restrict, not bolster, free speech online. For this reason, we took the step to challenge SB 7072 on multiple constitutional grounds to protect Florida consumers, small businesses, and free speech.

NetChoice and CCIA have sued the State of Florida to enjoin and invalidate SB 7072 to defend the First Amendment and other constitutional rights of private businesses.

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Florida’s businesses and technology companies have worked hard to create a safe internet, free from harmful and downright offensive content. SB 7072 is nothing more than a political move to garner national support from those upset with Donald Trump’s removal from digital platforms.


As leaders of free expression, we hope the courts will  work to uphold our First Amendment, while adhering to the principles laid down by America’s founders.