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NetChoice: Congress fails to protect our ability to connect, innovate, and drive opportunity online

Today, radical ideas in Congress are attempting to take away not just conveniences, but tools and services Americans rely on every day. At stake is our ability to connect, innovate, and drive opportunity online.

For this reason, NetChoice is disheartened by how the House Judiciary Committee is rushing their antitrust bill package through the Chamber. These new bills will hurt Americans in all areas of our life—on and offline.

“These rushed bills make clear that the House Judiciary Committee is trying to sneak through bad legislation in hopes one bill from the antitrust package makes it through the cracks and decimates the consumer welfare standard,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice.

“Even after a mark-up highlighting the legislative flaws, the bill package will still ruin our global competitive edge, remove choices on digital shelves, and increase the amount consumers pay at check out,” continued Szabo. “While these bills would create a myriad of inconveniences for your everyday American, these bills could ruin voice-activated and smart-home integrations for disabled and immunocompromised populations that rely on accessible products to augment their independence and day-to-day lives.”