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NetChoice Criticizes Forthcoming Texas Antitrust Suit Over Google Ads

Today, NetChoice criticized Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s forthcoming lawsuit against Google regarding its digital advertising services. This suit argues that Google is monopolistic and anticompetitive in its business practices regarding Google Ads.

“Not to be outdone by the federal government, Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton has raced to file a meritless lawsuit, alleging that Google monopolized digital advertising despite it having only 30% market share and digital ad prices dropping by 40% in the last decade,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel of NetChoice.

“Like other recent federal and state suits against American tech, this suit is based on political ambitions, not facts or the law,” added Szabo. “If successful, the lawsuit would mean jacking up prices for Americans, hurting small businesses, stifling innovation, and returning power to traditional media sources.”