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NetChoice Opposes Chairwoman Slaughter’s FTC Rulemaking Group

Today, NetChoice opposed Chairwoman Slaughter’s Federal Trade Commission Rulemaking Group. Chairwoman Slaughter hopes to use this rule-making group to get the Federal Trade Commission to change American antitrust doctrine to further crackdown on supposed anticompetitive practices.


“The rulemaking group will enable commissioners to advance their own political goals without regard to whether the rules actually protect consumers or promote their welfare. In fact, the overuse of rulemaking is exactly why Congress greatly limited the Federal Trade Commission’s rulemaking authority in the first place. This announcement is a clear sign that the FTC wants to return to an age when it acted more like a legislative body than an enforcement body,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel for NetChoice.

“Any such actions in rulemaking will set an incredibly dangerous precedent by allowing commissioners to advance their political agendas at a time when the Federal Trade Commission is already poised to do so, given recent nominations,” continued Szabo.