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NetChoice Opposes the New York State Senate Passage of the 21st Century Antitrust Act

Today, NetChoice opposed the New York State Senate’s passage of the 21st Century Antitrust Act—a bill that abandons the U.S.’s decades-evolved Consumer Welfare Standard and imports Europe’s nebulous “Abuse of Dominance” standard to brand successful businesses as inherently bad.

“We are extremely disappointed that the New York Senate rushed through a bill that will hurt New Yorkers and encourage even more small and large businesses to choose Miami over Manhattan and Austin over Albany,” said Chris Marchese, Counsel at NetChoice. “In choosing Europe’s anti-innovation approach to antitrust, New York will set itself apart as the only state that willingly saddled consumers with fewer choices, higher prices, less innovation, and reduced job and economic growth.”

“Far from helping small businesses and workers, this bill would redirect money from entrepreneurship, better wages, and the next big idea toward expensive litigation costs. We hope the State Assembly puts New Yorkers first and votes to defeat this bill’s anti-innovation agenda,” continued Marchese.