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NetChoice Raises Concerns with FTC Decree Against YouTube for Alleged COPPA Violations

Today, NetChoice raised concerns about the FTC’s announcement that they plan to fine YouTube for alleged COPPA violations.
“Congress created COPPA with clear guardrails — today the FTC broke through them,”
said Carl Szabo, General Counsel of NetChoice.
“This action puts all general audience sites on unsure footing. Is Angry Birds now subject to COPPA? What about CandyCrush or Marvel comics?”
“The FTC has transformed COPPA from objective principles to subjective punishment for virtually any website – whether child-directed or not.” In its decision, the FTC greatly expanded the existing subjective COPPA standard to general audience websites even when users sign a contract saying they areover 13.
“This decree will slash the advertising revenue that supports video creators producing high-quality child-friendly content. This means far fewer ad dollars to support videos that my teenager watches to learn about nutrition, sports instruction, and science projects,”
said NetChoice President Steve DelBianco.