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NetChoice Respectfully Asks Georgia Gov. Kemp to Veto Social Media Verification Provision

ATLANTA—Today, NetChoice sent a letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, respectfully asking him to veto SB 351. Despite some admirable aspects of this legislation, the problems are in the details with a mandated identity verification scheme for social media access. 

If implemented, SB 351 would violate Georgians’ privacy, jeopardize their security, create a one-size-fits all solution that usurps parents and impede their constitutional rights. 

“While there are many good ideas in this legislation, if implemented, it will create serious security vulnerabilities for Georgians and their families while violating the U.S. Constitution. Already, states like Ohio have tried and failed to enact similar approaches, and various courts have echoed these concerns,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel.

Szabo continued: “An unconstitutional law will help no Georgians or their families. Rather than copying flawed ideas from other states, policymakers should instead require schools to teach digital safety best practices and help to educate parents on technology use for their families’ unique needs in their own homes. We hope to work with Georgia lawmakers and Gov. Kemp on these important solutions.

You can read NetChoice’s letter to Gov. Kemp here

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