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NetChoice Respectfully Asks Gov. Lee to Veto Bill That Lets Down Tennessee Families & Children Online

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—NetChoice sent a letter to Gov. Bill Lee, respectfully requesting that he veto HB 1891. It undermines Tennesseans’ of all ages privacy, raises serious constitutional concerns, and ultimately will fail to help minors stay safe online.

“Parents and guardians should determine their child’s online experience, just as they do with what schools they attend and what they have for dinner. HB 1891 would put big government in the driver’s seat of these decisions instead of parents,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel. “HB 1891 would put Tennesseans’ privacy and data at risk, leaving them vulnerable to breaches and crime, while violating their First Amendment rights. Similar proposals are already being actively litigated in other states and held by the courts.”

Szabo continued: “We hope Gov. Lee stands up for Tennessee families and freedom online and vetoes HB 1891.”

You can read NetChoice’s veto letter to Gov. Lee here.

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