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NetChoice Welcomes Poll Showing Public Opposes New Internet Sales Tax Burdens

Washington D.C. – Today, NetChoice welcomed results from an opinion poll commissioned by the National Taxpayers Union showing that 65% of likely voters are opposed to rules that allow states to burden out-of-state businesses with in-state sales tax collection.

“This poll backs up what we have already found in our own research, that the public sees new sales tax burdens as a tax increase on small businesses and consumers,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice. “These measures would pass costs onto the consumer, in the form of taxes and limits on consumer choice and market competition.”

New burdens on small businesses to collect sales tax for states in which they have no physical presence would open them up to the compliance burdens of 12,000 taxing jurisdictions and subject them to audits from 45 states. Compliance costs would force many to take their goods and services offline.

“Opposition to this new tax burden was shared by members of both political parties. Liberals, conservatives, moderates, and independents all oppose this policy by a majority,” continued DelBianco. “We hope that lawmakers understand what these results mean for them – if they want the public to enjoy the benefits of recently passed tax cuts, don’t create new tax burdens that will undermine them.”