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NetChoice Welcomes Wayfair Brief Filing, Providing Strong Arguments

Washington D.C. – Today, NetChoice has welcomed the filing of Wayfair and Overstock’s brief in the case South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.,, Inc, and Newegg, Inc.

“The brief shows that removing Quill’s physical presence protection would fundamentally undermine small businesses serving customers outside their state,” said Steve DelBianco, President of NetChoice.

“The states are so wrong to claim that small businesses would be unaffected,” continued DelBianco. “States may provide “free” tax software, but the costs of integration and answering to 46 state auditors would be a significant burden to any small business going online to reach new customers.”


Below are key quotes from Wayfair and Overstock’s brief, providing a strong introduction to the points that will define this Supreme Court case:

“What occurs inside a state’s borders has always been the critical foundation for a state’s taxing and regulatory authority; in short, borders matter.” [p.11]

“Changed conditions in the retail marketplace also cannot justify the abrogation of the physical presence rule where the constitutionally-significant conditions remain unchanged.” [p.25]

“Congress is the institution best-suited to resolve the competing interests in remote sales tax collection and to select the proper policy outcome… Overruling Quill would complicate, if not prevent, a congressional solution.” [p.26]

“Small businesses seeking access to a national market, not the massive multi-channel retailers that already report sales tax across the country, will be harmed most by the new compliance burdens, new barriers to entry, and new obstacles to growth.” [p.27]