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Ohio Probing Hannah Montana Ticket Sales

Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney suspects that ticket sales for the Hannah Montana concert are being manipulated.  Stand in line, Senator.  We couldn’t agree more (see my blog post from November 21 – “Did you score Hannah Montana tickets?”).  We commend Senator Kearney’s request to the Ohio state attorney general to investigate this issue.

Senator Kearney has requested that the Ohio ticket industry be examined to determine why so many of the hottest shows and sporting events seem to be sold out before tickets even go on sale.  We, of course, have our theories – including drummed-up hype created by the concert promoters to create the kind of mass hysteria we see around the Hannah Montana concert.

Last week, new dates were added to the tour for January and parents are once again going through the dance of trying to get tickets for their kids.

If Ohio can make some headway on this issue, perhaps changes can be put in place that will enable concert-goers to pay a fair price for a show they want to see, without all the drama.