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Pentagon taking cyberwarfare seriously

A top Air Force general says China is trying to overtake the United States as the dominant power in cyberspace, opening up a new theatre of conflict between nation states and a growing priority for the Pentagon. General Robert Elder, commander of the 8th Air Force, said that all of America’s foes, including Iran, are looking at ways of hacking into US networks to glean trade and defense secrets.

Seven convicted sex offenders with profiles on MySpace have been arrested in  Texas in what officials say is the first large-scale crackdown of registered offenders who use the social networking site. The men were picked up after MySpace released the names of offenders with online profiles to the state Attorney General’s Office in response to subpoena for subscriber information.

A California man who sent thousands of "phishing" e-mails appearing to be from AOL’s billing department in an identity theft scheme has been sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison and ordered to pay nearly $1 million to his Internet provider to cover its costs for detecting and combating his scam.