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President concerned about cybersecurity

The AP has a story quoting President Bush acknowledging he could stand to "learn a lot" about cybersecurity and expressing concern over the high-tech hacking that crippled computer systems in Estonia. Estonia claims it has suffered cyber attacks at the hands of Russian hackers. The Russian government has denied involvement. Meeting with the Estonian President Monday, Mr. Bush stayed away from that touchy issue and focused instead on the lesson of vulnerability for the United States.

ICANN is looking for advice about how to modify its agreements with Internet registrars. The effort stems from the debacle involving RegisterFly, which ICANN had to strip of its accreditation due to poor quality of service. During a workshop this week at the ICANN meeting in San Juan there was general agreement that the standard registrar agreement, last amended over seven years ago, could use a makeover.

According to a new study from Edison Media Research, the Internet is rapidly becoming an essential medium for information and entertainment. When researchers asked consumers age 12 and older to choose the most essential medium in their liives, 33 percent chose the Internet, just behind television (36 percent), but above radio (17 percent) and newspapers (10 percent). Back in 2002, the Internet trailed TV by a significant margin (20 percent to 39 percent) and also trailed radio (26 percent.)