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Secondary ticket market gets new life

In the UK, the secondary ticket market gets another chance.  A new government report calls for monitoring but no new regulations, stating that while there is some abuse in the industry by unscrupulous hype, it believes that the free market for tickets should be preserved without government interference, except as a last resort.

Registrar Network Solutions could face legal action over its practice of locking in domain names that are searched but not bought, an action that violates consumer protection laws banning deceptive business practices. According to Washington Internet Daily (subscription only), Network Solutions defended the process as a shield for customers against other front-runners.  The practice o f "domain name front-running"(DNFR) is a technique believed to exist, but so far unproved whereby one person monitors the activity of a second person who is planning to register a domain name and the first person then registers the domain name before the second person. DNFR is under investigation by ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee, to see whether it complies with the registrar accreditation agreement.