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Senate Judiciary Speeds Through S.2992 And Fails America’s Consumers

Despite the Manager’s Amendment, S.2992 remains flawed and the rush to markup has failed to provide substantive discussion or benefit American consumers.

NetChoice is disappointed in the lack of public input solicited by Senator Klobuchar and the failure to follow normal procedure to ensure the bill receives the thought and attention it deserves and the American people demand.

“Rather than opening the floor to public input, the bill’s sponsors rushed through legislation that will increase prices, reduce choices, threaten security, and undermine Americans’ privacy,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “Lawmakers should stop this backroom wheeling-and-dealing and instead take the input of economists, experts, and businesses to better understand the impact of this rushed legislation.”

“This legislation is the epitome of why politics has no place in antitrust. It criminalizes businesses to curry political favor, not to protect American consumers, in a way that violates the principles of fairness and equal protection,” continued Szabo. “Lawmakers should slow down and have open discussions about the bill and its potential consequences, especially now that polling has shown Americans don’t want their online services harmed.”

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