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Senators Should Oppose Bills Giving False Hope on Online Safety

WASHINGTON—Today, a group of Senators is trying to push the EARN IT Act, the STOP CSAM Act and the SHIELD Act through the chamber.  

Lawmakers have good intentions with introducing these bills. But unfortunately, they contain various privacy concerns and constitutional problems, and the EARN IT Act in particular would jeopardize the prosecution of criminals. But there are better proposals available to Congress.

“While these bills were proposed with very good intentions, they fail to address the core of the problem lawmakers are trying to solve: keeping young people safe online. These bills are riddled with privacy concerns and constitutional problems, and an unconstitutional law will protect no one,” said NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel Carl Szabo. “Instead of targeting tools and innovators, lawmakers should create a federal standard to protect the privacy of all Americans online, help law enforcement put child predators who are harming kids in prison, like the bipartisan Invest in Child Safety Act does, educate young people on digital safety in the classroom, and empower parents to feel confident in making decisions to protect their families online.” 

Szabo continued: “We hope Senators will stop the push for these bills, and we hope to work with them on functional, constitutional proposals to keep kids safe online.”

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