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Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Self-Regulation

Last Friday NetChoice stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the existing industry self-regulation regarding location based services (LBS).  In doing so, we responded to the FCC’s call for comments on LBS.  In our comments we explained how:


  • Location based services benefit consumers and businesses;
  • Self-regulation is working;
  • Consumers already must affirmatively consent to most geo-location collection;
  • The FCC can assist the industry’s self-regulation program;
  • And consumer education efforts on privacy are already underway.

In particular, we used our “Dynamic Self-Regulatory Framework” to reaffirm our views that industry self-regulation is the best policy.  As one of only ten comments filed, NetChoice was joined by the IAB and DMA.

We still don’t understand where these ongoing calls for Government regulation are coming from; we still await a privacy groups’ showing of consumer harm; we still wait for the “clamoring” of consumers for government regulations; and we still wait for any showing of the failure of industry self-regulation.

Hopefully the FCC will see that there is not yet any need for them to further regulate the online world and will instead follow our comments and join us in standing shoulder-to-shoulder with industry self-regulation.