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The FTC’s Prime Suit Against Amazon Ignores Sellers

What do sellers really think about the FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon?

After officially launching its lawsuit against Amazon for its Prime service in September, the FTC has made several public arguments about why it thinks this litigation is needed. One of its claims includes that the lawsuit may benefit sellers by forcing the company to reform its “Fulfilled by Amazon” benefit for participating sellers. 

However, the public comments of many small businesses who use the FBA service say otherwise. 

The FTC’s talking points vaguely speak of a problem, but we’re skeptical they are truly listening to sellers. We pulled these various public comments from sellers in their own words so their voices and experience can be heard, rather than be buried underneath regulators’ talking points:

Sellers have spoken. Amazon’s services for sellers provide them with resources that help sellers succeed in the incredibly competitive retail marketplace and sell their products to a wider range of customers. 

The FTC, Chair Lina Khan, and U.S. policymakers must stop ignoring the real experiences of sellers and how this lawsuit will seriously harm their businesses.