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TicketMaster’s New System Leaves Privacy Out in the Cold

Identity theft is far and away the top complaint received by the FTC.  And to prevent ID theft, the FTC advises consumers to protect their credit card numbers and their driver’s license.

These concerns get thrown to the wind under the TicketMaster “Credit Card Entry” system.

The TicketMaster’s Credit Card Entry system requires fans to turn-over their credit card number when buying a ticket.  This part makes sense.  But TicketMaster then keeps that number and demands you handover your credit card and driver’s license to the venue attendant at the door.

What does this mean for your security?   Well your credit card number is now exposed to new forms of identity theft.

First, TicketMaster unnecessarily exposes you to new data breach threats by keeping your credit card long after you bought your ticket.  Second, TicketMaster requires you trust the guy working the door at the stadium with your credit card.   Finally, TicketMaster collects the credit card numbers of your friends when you give them your tickets.

That’s three new opportunities for credit cards to be stolen.

That’s not all.

TicketMaster requires you to show your driver’s license before entering the concert.  That means the person working the door now knows who you are.

For giving up your privacy TicketMaster is rewarding you with less control of your tickets.

If this creeps you out, you are not alone.

For giving up your privacy TicketMaster is rewarding you with less control of your tickets.

With Credit Card Entry tickets:

  • If you are gifting your ticket to your friend, your friend must then deliver TicketMaster their credit card number — even when no money is being charged.
  • What if you bought tickets for your friends.  Can you meet up inside?  TicketMaster says, Nope. “If you bought for a group you gotta enter as a group.
  • And deciding if you can sell those tickets is no longer up to you, TicketMaster says, “That’s up to the artist, team, or venue!

We hope that TicketMaster rethinks their Credit Card Entry system and doesn’t leave your privacy exposed and out in the cold.