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Supreme Court Asks Biden Justice Department for Thoughts in NetChoice Cases

WASHINGTON—Today, the U.S. Supreme Court asked the Solicitor General of the United States for its input on whether the Court should grant review in NetChoice & CCIA v. Moody and NetChoice & CCIA v. Paxton, our First Amendment lawsuits against Texas and Florida’s unconstitutional laws that empower the government to control online speech. 

“We are excited that the Supreme Court is seriously considering taking up our cases and is asking the Solicitor General for its take on the cases,” said NetChoice Counsel Chris Marchese. “We expect the Solicitor General will recognize the First Amendment rights of websites and to call on the Supreme Court to take up the cases and find for NetChoice and CCIA.”

In both cases, NetChoice and co-plaintiff CCIA argue that both Texas HB 20 and Florida SB 7072 violate the First Amendment by compelling private speakers to carry speech they otherwise wouldn’t and by infringing websites’ editorial rights. We urge the Court to strike down both laws and reaffirm that the Constitution prohibits the government from interfering with constitutionally protected speech. 

You can find our resources on NetChoice v. Paxton here and NetChoice v. Moody here

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