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Voters Want Candidates to Focus on Advancing U.S. Competitiveness, NOT Cudgeling Tech Companies

This month, the American Edge Project released new polling data, showing that likely American voters in key battleground states for the 2024 election want the U.S. President to prioritize invigorating the U.S. economy and protecting our national security. They also expressed concerns about how an agenda battering American tech companies will harm U.S. competitiveness and national security.

The Biden administration has been launching whole-of-government efforts to stifle American businesses, both at home and abroad. Biden officials have frequently gone to Europe to help them craft regulations that are focused on targeting U.S. tech specifically, while the EU allows China’s and other foreign adversaries’ tech to thrive. 

The voters surveyed understand the problems with this approach, both economically and from a security perspective. 

  • 94% think overregulating U.S. tech would cause America to be “less safe by exposing our critical infrastructure to cyberattacks, exposing our elections to foreign interference, and putting our private data at risk.” 
  • 90% expressed concern that “China could gain a lasting tech advantage, costing millions of American jobs, just like what happened in manufacturing.” 
  • 88% are worried that efforts to “restrict American tech companies from developing innovative new products could make the U.S. less economically competitive.”

Overall, if the election were held today, voters overall overwhelmingly will support candidates, no matter the party those candidates belong to, that “want to address the rising cost of living for American families” over those focused on regulating U.S. tech. Independents particularly preferred these candidates.

When thinking about their futures in America, voters are especially concerned about:

  • 92%: “The rising cost of living, which makes things like gas, housing, and groceries less affordable.”;
  • 90%: “Inflation, which makes things like gas, housing, and groceries less affordable”; and
  • 90%: “Cyberattacks that compromise personal and financial information.”

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has been focused on policies that exacerbate these problems. Under Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is tasked with protecting consumers against fraud, has not been focused on this issue. As such, Americans have seen fraud, identity theft and more skyrocket to unprecedented levels under the Biden FTC’s watch. Under Biden’s U.S. Trade Representative, American leadership has taken a back seat to the interest of foreign regulators that want to restrict the growth and innovation of U.S. companies, which will result in propping up China. Meanwhile, Biden’s economic advisors and bureaucrats are seeking out ways to “strike” against U.S. businesses, which will only result in prices on Americans rising further. 

In the 2024 election, American voters want leaders that prioritize their lives, welfare and problems—not the progressive agendas of ideologues that will undermine U.S. interests.