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What’s the Real Agenda of Georgia Event Owners/Operators?

Why would Georgia’s event owners and operators be opposed to a secondary ticket market bill that would enable consumers to have greater access to their events?  We think it’s because they want to have total control over which secondary markets are used – forcing ticket holders to use only a secondary market exchange that compensates the event owners whenever tickets are resold.

This isn’t the best way for a competitive environment to work.

We sent a letter today to Senator Don Balfour, Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee in Georgia, to clearly state our support of the HB1238 bill currently in review there (see Letter).

This bill ensures that fans can choose among competing secondary markets when they decide to buy or sell a ticket, which is in the best interests of Georgia fans and consumers.

Georgia’s consumers have been waiting long enough for the choice and convenience of an open, online marketplace.  Let’s not take it away from them now.