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Biden’s Antitrust Executive Order Shows What Republicans Risk by Backing Progressive Antitrust Reforms

The American economy is the most competitive in the world. The consumer welfare standard focuses antitrust law on protecting consumers, which in turn empowers American competitiveness and a strong economy. The consumer welfare standard is now under threat from a left-wing administration that has tasked itself with restructuring the American economy through antitrust reform.

Today, NetChoice raised opposition to proposals within President Biden’s Executive Order that would seek to further constrain the ability of America’s leading tech companies to compete aggressively and best serve their customers.

“Sen. Lee and Rep. Jordan’s warnings were right – when Republicans back progressive antitrust proposals because of concerns about tech, they open the door to progressive antitrust activism that threatens American jobs and our international competitiveness,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel for NetChoice. “They have gone from being like Casandra to Nostradomus.” 

“By backing hard-left proposals, like nominating Lina Khan to the FTC and Rep. Cicilline’s antitrust legislation, anti-tech Republicans bear responsibility for the damage that will result from importing a European-style antitrust framework to all sections of the American economy.”

“Biden’s tech antitrust proposal throws the welfare of American consumers to the curb and instead protects deep-pocketed competitors to successful tech companies.”