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GOP Senators Reject Call To Abandon Crackdown On Big Tech Companies

Attorney Carl Szabo says the bill upends the conservative principles of limited government and free enterprise.

(as said) “Look, I agree. I’m worried about the silencing of conservative voices as well,” Szabo said. “I mean, heck, I’m a conservative, but unfortunately this is not the right approach.”

Szabo says these are private companies enforcing contracts with users who are not abiding by community standards.

(as said) “I understand that there’s a feeling that there are a lot of efforts to stifle conservative speech, but forcing these platforms to host content that they don’t think is best for their users and their advertisers is not the right approach,” he says. “It violates every notion we have when we support the rights of private businesses to decide what’s best for them.”

Szabo made his comments Wednesday during a Senate subcommittee hearing on the bill. Tyler Diers of TechNet, a bipartisan group representing technology company executives, says if the bill becomes law, business leaders will have to weigh whether it’s worth expanding in Iowa.