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Gov. DeSantis: Oppose HB 3 & Continue Supporting Floridians & Their Families

NetChoice applauded Gov. Ron DeSantis earlier today for vetoing Florida HB 1, which had serious constitutional problems.

But unfortunately, the legislature is now trying to pass HB 3which is still I.D. for the internet and has serious constitutional concerns.

NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel Carl Szabo explains:

HB 3 is still I.D. for the internet, and NetChoice calls on Gov. DeSantis to oppose it, too. To verify that a minor is under 16 AND that the adult verifying is actually that minor’s parent or guardian, that will in effect require social media companies to verify identities. This is the same unconstitutional idea as Ohio had, and a federal judge has already granted NetChoice an injunction against that law. Courts across the country have been shooting down these types of laws as unconstitutional. It’s time for lawmakers to find a better way, like NetChoice’s SHIELD proposals.”

Read the District Court’s ruling in our Ohio lawsuit, NetChoice v. Yost, HERE.

Learn more about NetChoice’s SHIELD proposals to keep children—and all Americans—safe and secure online with constitutional actions here

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