Taxing Tech: Will State Regulation Harm Consumers and Raise Prices?

Kir Nuthi
Kir Nuthi Public Affairs Manager

Thursday, June 3rd at 1PM ET

Are the states fighting for consumers online, or are these new “Big Tech” bills designed without consumers in mind?


Join us for a keynote and flight of panelists as we dive into how proposed state regulation of tech could unfortunately harm consumers by raising prices, decreasing their options, and stagnating innovation.

We’ll examine how some conservative critics and politicians have been capitalizing on a growing backlash against America’s tech businesses to push bills that would line the pockets of large companies at the expense of consumers.

Join our esteemed panel as we outline how conservatives can approach state-level tech debates, protect consumers and empower free enterprise across America.

Our special guests:

  • Lisa Nelson — President and CEO, American Legislative Exchange Council
  • Katie McAuliffe— Government Affairs Director, American for Tax Reform
  • Eli Dourado— Senior Research Fellow, Center for Growth and Opportunity
  • Carl Szabo— Vice President, NetChoice
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