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NetChoice & CCIA Cases Accepted: Free Speech Online at the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON—Today, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear NetChoice & CCIA v. Moody and NetChoice & CCIA v. Paxton, our landmark First Amendment lawsuits over Florida and Texas’ unconstitutional laws empowering the government to choose what speech appears online. 

“We are pleased the Supreme Court agreed to hear our landmark cases,” said Chris Marchese, NetChoice Litigation Director. “Online services have a well-established First Amendment right to host, curate and share content as they see fit. The internet is a vital platform for free expression, and it must remain free from government censorship. We are confident the Court will agree.”

The NetChoice & CCIA cases are critical to protecting free speech on the internet. We are confident the Court will uphold the First Amendment and strike down these unconstitutional laws. 

In our petitions for the Court’s review in these cases, NetChoice and our co-plaintiffs CCIA explained that both laws violate the First Amendment by compelling private speech. We urge the Court to strike down both and clarify that the Constitution prohibits the government from interfering with private speech. 

You can find our resources on NetChoice & CCIA v. Paxton here and NetChoice & CCIA v. Moody here

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