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NetChoice Maintains Opposition to S2992 After New Version Fails to Address Conservative Concerns

Today Sen. Amy Klobuchar released an updated version of her legislation that targets America’s leading businesses.

“Sen. Klobuchar failed to address major concerns about how her bill breaks core American services, weakens our security, undermines American competitiveness, worsens inflation and devalues retirement accounts,” said NetChoice Vice President and General Counsel, Carl Szabo. “When Americans are paying record prices and inflation is at a 40-year high, lawmakers should find ways to reduce economic burdens on consumers, not worsen them.”

“While Sen. Klobuchar claims to have made changes, the bill’s worst problems all remain. Crony capitalist carve outs for Comcast and Visa won’t protect consumers from the negative fallout from FTC Chair Lina Khan’s radical economic agenda that will be further empowered by this bill.”