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NetChoice Opposes the AMERICA Act: Raising the Costs for Small Businesses to Advertise

WASHINGTON—Today, Senators Lee, Klobuchar, Cruz, Blumenthal, Rubio, Warren, Schmitt, Hawley, Kennedy, Graham, and Vance introduced the Advertising Middlemen Endangering Rigorous Internet Competition Accountability Act, or the ironically titled “AMERICA Act,” which does nothing but undermine American entrepreneurialism. 

By denying the ability of America’s advertising businesses to optimize their products, the ultimate impact of this legislation is to increase costs and lower effectiveness for the ads placed by America’s small businesses. For decades, our small businesses couldn’t advertise due to the dearth of outlets and incredibly high costs. The internet democratized advertising, and now, costs are at historic lows, quality at historic highs, and small businesses can now reach customers around the world. 

“This bill will increase costs and decrease the quality of advertising for America’s small and midsize businesses. Today’s advertising prices are at historic lows, and quality is at historic highs – clear evidence of a highly competitive and functional marketplace.” said NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel Carl Szabo.

“The so-called ‘AMERICA Act’ ignores this reality and knee-caps American businesses as they struggle at home and fiercely compete against foreign competitors,” continued Szabo. “We’re disappointed to see this coming from Sen. Lee, who has historically been a principled champion of free market values. This bill undermines those core American principles.”

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