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NetChoice Urges Gov. DeSantis to Protect Floridians & Continue Opposing I.D. for the Internet in HB 3

TALLAHASSEE—Today, NetChoice sent a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis, respectfully asking him to veto HB 3 and continue his defense of Floridians, families and the U.S. Constitution. 

HB 3 in effect will impose an “I.D. for the Internet” on any Floridian who wants to use an online service—regardless of their age. To be able to determine whether a user in Florida is under the age of 14 and whether the adult verifying a minor over the age of 14 is indeed that child’s parent or guardian, online services will need to conduct identity verification. This level of data collection will additionally put Floridians’ privacy and security at risk. NetChoice has already enjoined similar proposals in Arkansas, California and Ohio, where each of the judges noted the laws’ constitutional and privacy problems.

Gov. DeSantis spoke against this concept both on the campaign trail and while reviewing HB 1, and we hope he will continue to defend Floridians and veto HB 3. 

“Floridians don’t need big government control and I.D. for the Internet; they need freedom and data security. NetChoice respectfully asks Gov. DeSantis to veto HB 3,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel. “NetChoice has already successfully challenged laws with similar defects as those in HB 3. We hope the Governor will veto HB 3 and continue to stand for Floridians’ rights and freedoms.”

There are functional, constitutional solutions available to help keep kids—and all Floridians—safe and secure online. NetChoice hopes to work with Gov. DeSantis on these provisions.  

Read NetChoice’s letter to Gov. DeSantis on HB 3 here

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