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State Tax Notes Names NetChoice as Organization of the Year

This week State Tax Notes named NetChoice and NCSL as “Organizations of the Year.”

In a world in which federal and state officials are debating ways to regulate and tax online commerce, NetChoice is at the forefront of the loyal opposition.

State Tax Notes recognizes NetChoice for its role in fighting proposals that fly in the face of its goal of “promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the net.

In the state remote sales tax arena, NetChoice moved quickly to sue South Dakota even before S.B. 106, the state’s remote sales tax bill, took effect May 1. On April 29 NetChoice joined the American Catalog Mailers Association to sue the state on the basis that S.B. 106 is facially unconstitutional.

NetChoice has been a consistent presence on the remote sales tax issue. It has fought diligently against efforts to pass legislation such as the Marketplace Fairness Act, a proposed federal law that would allow states to require remote sellers to collect and remit sales tax.

Recently, DelBianco said that his group is also dedicated to stamping out what he called a myth — that the remote sales tax issue is somehow a battle between Main Street (small and medium-size businesses) and the internet.

“It’s the big-box stores that have crushed Main Street, not the internet,” DelBianco said. “We need to keep the internet commerce barrier-free for small and medium-sized businesses who use it to attract and keep customers that otherwise would never visit their stores.”

We are honored to be recognized by such a prominent publication for our tireless work to make the internet safe for free enterprise and free expression.

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